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Coloring Queen

Spiritual Love Colouring Book

1 min read

Here is a Spiritual colouring book, designed to attract the deepest desires of your heart. It is essentially 17 drawings, with 17 mandalas digitally created from each one. The idea is that when you are colouring the mandalas, you know the source material, as it is very easy to create pretty mandalas from any image, even if the image is not originally very pleasant to look at!

Spiritual love colouring book 

The preface in the book is written by a spiritual and psychic adherent Duncan Leadbetter. Here is an extract from the book:

"These drawings offer an opportunity of experiencing transcendental realisations; by connecting 

the inner soul with the higher consciousness, which can only lead to a greater self awareness and 

moments of absolute peace and tranquility".

This book could well offer many hours of very therapeutic colouring, offering inner realisations and transcendental experiences.